New Partnership with Heiman Crop

Saylor Insurance Announces New Partnership With Heiman Crop! Saylor Insurance is excited to announce that they have now partnered with Heiman Crop Insurance Agency in Seneca! Since 1980, Heiman Crop has a long-standing reputation for providing excellent service to its customers.  In addition, Heiman Crop will now operate as Heiman Crop & Insurance Service and has expanded its insurance services to include all types of insurance including home, auto, farm, commercial, Medicare Supplement, and life.  There is no change in either office location or phone number and you will still see the same familiar faces when you walk [...]

Bison Group Partnership

EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT — BISON GROUP PARTNERSHIP WITH SAYLOR INSURANCE! Saylor Insurance is proud to announce an independent affiliation with the Bison Insurance Group, in order to continue our outstanding customer service by offering our customers even more insurance options and companies. Bison Insurance Group is an insurance management agency, founded by five past presidents of the Kansas Association of Insurance Agents, for the purpose of facilitating cooperation and maximizing resources, to the benefit of our current and new clients. Together the five founding agencies, Newkirk, Dennis and Buckles, Independence, Fee Insurance Group, Hutchinson, Al Shank Insurance, [...]

Knowledge is your best defense during a claim

When it comes to insurance, knowledge is your best defense during a claim.  With all of the melting snow and ice, along with the rains and flooding, we want to make you aware that water damage such as floods, sewer back-ups, and water that seeps through the foundation are excluded on a standard homeowner or dwelling policy.  On most policies, you can add coverage for sewer back up/sump pump failure, and you can also purchase a separate “Flood” policy to cover flooding.  Contact us to learn more! Ready to talk [...]

Tips for Walking on Ice

One rather large aquatic bird that has figured out the correct way of walking on ice is the penguin!  Here are a few tips to minimize your risk of a fall: Keep your weight forward and on your front foot. Keep your arms out by your side to help you balance Walk flat footed and take short shuffling steps Wear footwear that provides traction Step down, not out from curbs Keep your knees slightly bent Walk on snow or grass if possible The next time you are walking on ice, just remember these tips and walk [...]

Expect the Unexpected: 6 Surprising Ways Your Business Could Go up in Flames

While many of the fires Jim has helped fight start in typical ways, such as with wiring problems, smoking or careless actions, there are some fire starters that may seem unexpected. EMC Loss Control Insights Expect the Unexpected: 6 Surprising Ways Your Business Could Go up in Flames EMC Senior Risk Improvement Representative Jim Yuill leads a double life. When he’s not working with EMC-insured companies to help keep businesses and employees safe, he’s a fire fighter. In the past 25 years, he has seen a lot of shattered dreams, ruined businesses [...]

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